Four Questions for Macayla Sandusky

Where are you from/where are you based and for how long?
I’m from Arkansas, but have been based in Brooklyn for about 5 years. 

How long have you been making your art?
I’ve been making work for about 10 years. 

What materials do you use?
I use many different materials. My primary material is clay, but I love to use found objects, concrete, wood, metal. Whichever material best helps my concept and idea. 

What's your inspiration?
My inspiration is often two-fold as I focus on function as well as concept (sometimes independently from each other). I’m inspired by clay as a material and it’s permanence, but also by events that are fleeting an enigmatic in life. I draw from ephemeral moments then protect and solidify them in my work with sturdy materials. 

Photo of me installing a gargoyle on a Brooklyn rooftop.  

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Macayla Sandusky is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY.  In October she submitted some fabulous pieces with gargoyles -- jars, a planter, a candelabra -- to our BKLYN CLAY x A.MANO Brooklyn Halloween Design Challenge.  We love having her work in the shop and hope to get more in very soon!