Shi Shi Vase, Medium
Dustin Yager / Ceramics + Theory

Shi Shi Vase, Medium

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The Shi Shi Vase by Dustin Yager / Ceramics + Theory.  It's one of my favorites.  Dustin describes its inspiration in an Instagram Post: 

"When I lived in Chicago, I would bike/bus past a salon in Wicker Park called “fringe” but a bunch of the lower parts of the letters were cut off like someone took some thinning shears to the word. Ok fine. But it looked like I couldn’t quite tell if the signage was old and peeling off or actually intentional because it didn’t make the word look any more fringey! I was in Chicago last month. Same salon. Same sign. Same uncertainty. I’ve just been so upset for the last decade that I made these fringe inspired vases—ephemeral fabric turned millennium solid."

You & your flowers can't go wrong. 


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